Monday, September 29, 2008

Shake Aromat Shake

HEADS OR TAILS hosted by Skittle.


The first thing that popped into to my head was an advert:

"Shake Aromat shake! aro eggs, aro chips, aro mielies!"

Unfortunately I couldn't find that specific ad - it was over 23 years ago that it played on SA television.

The taste you'll fall in love with again and again. Go on! Shake our Original flavour favourite on chips, pizza, popcorn, pap, stews, just about anything, and make a meal worth talking about.

I personally do like the taste of aromat but I loved listening to the advert. I remember a perosn visiting us and he said he never met a family where we watched TV for the adverts - My sister and i made a game of it. It was basically who could guess the advert/product first and then we would sing along with it.

Here is a SA recipe - TUNA BAKE, from Proudly Indian.
An interesting blog post I found on SA adverts kick British But by Po from Spindrifting South African Seamonkey.

I thought let me get a picture. In the process I discovered that there are 32 physical shops in the UK that sell South African Products and a few more online shops that I did not realise existed.
I can proably visited this one in Bristol, its near my sister-in-law.
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