Monday, September 22, 2008

The last 100 days

I have joined a blogging swap on Swap-bot hosted by eveyinorbit and just so happens that hers is one of the three blogs that I will be following over the next 100 days.
There two parts to this swap.
First I have to blog for 100 days.I normaly miss one to two days week as my regular readers would have noticed, so now I am committing to posting on those days was well.
The second part is that i have to read three other blogs assigned to me randomly by Swap-bot, leave a comment at least once a week and then rate that person at then end of the 100 days.

The things we sometimes do for comments (hehehehehehe). Seriously though I like the whole idea of being focused on 100 - that number has been the theme of most of my swaps this year so I think its a very fitting way to end my year.

Over the next few days I will include the links of my partners blogs - those reading my blog and the blogs that I will be following.

eveyinorbit has two blogs:
Her website blog - the one I will be following.
Her Studio Blog
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