Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9th Wedding Anniversary

I have had a very busy day - volunteered at the CAB , went to the library, tutored maths. Now I am planning to start cooking a dish that i have never really cooked before - it was one of the dishes served at our wedding - Chicken Breyani. Will post recipe and photos tomorrow - Fingers crossed.

Planning to do something special tomorrow. Weiers is taking the day off and its pay day!!
Maybe go to Ballydougan Pottery. It has a lovely coffee shop that I have not yet experienced.

Below is our Song and the reason why getting some pottery is appropriate.

From Anniversary Ideas:

Traditional 9th wedding anniversary gifts are made of Pottery and Willow.

A Modern Ninth wedding anniversary symbol is made of Leather.

The Flowers associated with the 9th anniversary are Poppies.

The Gemstone list shows Lapis Lazuli and Tiger Eye associated with this Wedding Anniversary.

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