Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Short term

I don't feel like am a position to make any long term plans. there are still many uncertanties like how will the budget work, what kind of work will i find and when etc...???

What i do have going for me at the moment is a few challenging swaps which will include improving my computer and photography skills. Some sightseeing and writing. Starting my 4 Win Diet plan and continuing to blog weight and health progress on my
4 Day Win Blog.

One of the swaps is to write a 4 page family newletter. I am hoping I can put that onto my website and send it to my family.

Got some sightseeing to do and learning how to use all the appliances in my house. Got a few things I never used before like a foodprocessor, slow cooker and dishwasher. Last week I accidently too the dishes out the dishwasher before it was actually done - oops - thought the machine was broken - hehehehe.
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