Thursday, June 05, 2008

Inner Peace Leads Outer Peace

The question that comes up time and time again is why bother. What difference can putting a picture on a blog make. I feel that what is important is the fact that we are no remaining indifferent. We are recosgnising and acknowledge a need.It first must be conceived as a thought and then it can become a reality. Participating in making and sharing my globe is part of the dream, it is part of creating.

Enjoy reading this poem.

Feel at Peace

Embrace the wonder that you are,

With a forgiving, respectful love

Have faith in your strength to persevere

As you lay your head to rest each night

Be still in the darkness

Wait in peace and listen

Trust and believe

All you desire is on its way

Awake with a smile

Greeting a new day

Feel the love and gratitude within

For this feeling is like no other

Treat yourself with compassion, reverence and empathy

Spread your wings

Fly free like a butterfly

Share kindness with the powerful energy of your "wing wake"

And may the light of your spirit

Shine upon the path of another

So they too may feel at peace

It’s so wonderful to finally feel at peace

by Tina Marie from Health Home and Harmony
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