Sunday, January 29, 2017

Embracing health and wellness in 2017

 I am excited about taking another step in the right direction to improving health and wellness.Over the last 15 years my physical and mental health has yo-yo'ed back and forth. 
Three years ago i experienced a shift, I noticed that after altering a habit something would happend that would throw me off course but instead of completely returning to state I was in before, i managed to hold on to a least positive thing. 
Instead of going back on anti-depressant, I managed to notice myself slipping and asked for help. I attended counselling, re-engaged with a hobby (like knitting) and re-connected with friends.
Two years ago I successfully gave up taking sugar in my hot drinks and cereal (after back sliding on following the Slimming World diet). Some family members still put sweetners or sugar in my coffee. I have had to resort to insisting on making the drinks or very quietly thowing it out and making a new cuppa.
Last year improved my fitness levels and started exercising on more regular basis.

This year I am incorporating Bright (SAD) light therapy, group fitness classes and volunteering at the Prehen Lifestyle center. Re-incorporating the lessons I have learnt over the years into my eating plan. This year I will more steps in creating healthier and happier me and taking my family and community along with me.

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