Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Choosing a car

As you know last week I was in an accident and now we are in the market for a car.

Arghhh and its driving me up the wall. What is the right choice? What is the best choice?

We have a specific price range and because we are only int eh country for 18 months we don't have access to financing. However we were surprised today when one car dealership has offered us financing.

Who ever thought we will be choosing between buying a new car and a second hand car and be leaning towards the 2nd one. All the comparisons we are making are not bringing us any closer to a decision. So now i feel I should trust my emotions - LOL.

What do you think?

New Kia Rio 1 1.4 (Black is our only choice if want one fast) or Toyota Aygo 2007 with 6500 miles on it?
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