Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life Oh Life

Isn't there a song that goes like that - oh yes I found it. Nope I am not scared and superstitious. But the chorus's tone definitely summaries how I feel at the moment.
Sort of in Limbo - not exactly down but feeling a bit tired of schedule and routine.
Oh I am so in danger of slipping into bad habits again, I feel like I am at a critical point and if I just get a little energy in the right direction, this is so going to be a good turning point.

I have had a productive week. Setting up appointments, looking for information for various projects, planing and executing other projects cooking healthy meals, exercising, keeping contact with family and friends, doing homework with Jeandre, had a playdate and made a new friend. Completed reading two books!! Well the one I started the week before.
Friday I had a little dizzy episode (Meniere Disease) and my energy has been low ever since. Now I feel concentration and motivation waning as well but I so don't want to lose the positive momentum I have been building.

Plan for today: give Lily and Jeandre their third Bible study, cook, go for a walk (hopefully the weather holds) and make a to do list for this week. Got a job interview on Friday - its part-time , just 1hr a day - wish me good luck!

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