Thursday, June 11, 2009

E-mail to my brother

Hi Ash

Weiers was in Wales last week. The germany trip only comes up in August.
I didn't do my drivers license test - broke down in tears. Weiers passed his yesterday.
Saw the doctor and gynae this week - changing anti-depressants and going onto progesterone (I have had a period for 4 months!!). His sending another pap-smear in to check that nothing has changed since last December (when I hadn't had a period for almost 5 months).........

So at the moment I am UP and DOWN. But I am also blessed with people who care and are praying for me.

Very busy doing stuff for the church and I am preaching this Sabbath - Weiers couldn't find a speaker so it was either me or video (he does not have one he wants to show). Its been good for me spiritually to focus on that instead of feel sorry for myself. Experience has taught me that its better for me engage God through service while things are churning around me.
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