Saturday, January 03, 2009

Going Green

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I am in a swap where for one year we will be sharing ideas for going green. This is my contribution for January 2009. I hope to share partners idea with you later on in the month.

Buy a battery recharger - One of the best investments I have made.

Batteries contain dangerous metals that aren't combustible and shouldn't go in a landfill," says Hershkowitz. Over time, the charger will pay for itself, since you'll no longer shell out for new batteries every time your camera or torch or whatever runs out of juice.

I found this great video on a number of things you can do with your Christmas or other cards.
Recycling Christmas Cards

Growing a herb garden has been one thing I have always wanted to do and never really got round to it. I found this craft while doing another swap - I may use tins instead of ice-cream containers but I hope to share photos in next few months of my own herb garden.

window sill herb garden gift: made in clementine box

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