Sunday, February 01, 2015

Through A Spiritual Lense

Through my recent participation in BME photography project in Derry/Londerry I have been inspired to take photographs from various perspectives. I have also started looking at photographs through a view new lenses.

One of the struggles I have when I am at an event that I am involved with is that I find it very difficult to capture the it with a camera in the way I want to remember it. Normally we women are supposed to be very good at multi-tasking.But I find the quality of photographs decrease if I have not prepared approapriately and I am not present in the moment. Maybe this will change when taking photgraphs comes as easy as driving car........maybe then I can present in the event and able to capture it through a lens as well.

In the meantime I have discoverd Visio Divina.......... to continue my photographic journey I planned to explore comtemplative photography (as described here!visio-divina/c8k2) and practice Visio Divina

How to Practice Visio Divina 

Explore the image. 
Look at everything within the frame – objects, patterns, shapes, textures, lines, light, and colors. Look deeper. Where are your eyes drawn? Engage your imagination. What do you see? What do you smell? What relationships do you notice?
Allow the image to lead you into a time of prayer. Silently, offer prayers to God of gratitude, anguish, confession, or praise – whatever you find stirring inside you. Breathe deeply and slowly. Rest in this quiet, being open to God’s presence within you.
If your mind wanders, do not worry, look at the image again, or bring an awareness of the image into your mind. Be gentle with yourself and have no expectations of grand revelations. The point is to practice and to offer quiet time to be attentive to God’s presence.

What do you see? 
Search deeper.
Where do you see God? 
Pray with/over image. 
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