Sunday, May 04, 2014

Inner Excavation

I have startd reading a book, making some lifestyle changes and this is motivating me to start blogging again....

I look a the cover photo of this blog and realise that I have not changed it for about 6 and half years!!!! Does that mean I have been in a cacoon state  for that long??  I don't really want to analyse that for too deeply...,.that might just make me stumble in my journey..,

The e-book is Inner Excavation by Liz Lamreax..,..taken out of NI library using Overdrive Media.
Also listening to a book Called The Depression Diet Book by  Theresa Cheung
Attending Slimming World Club
Considering doing a podcast project (been in pregnant state for a few months now)
Got my camera and new walking shoes

Now all I need is community...................
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