Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Over the last two and half year's I have been very wary about what i share on my blog. Moving country just put a different perspective on what people may think of me by what I share. In the process I actually began blogging less and sharing superficially.
My interaction in the blogging community has ground to an utter halt. I have commented on probably 3 blogs this year that i found randomly.
In the past few weeks I have thought about a few meme's I used to participate in and I realised that I missed some of them.

I have had a tumulus month. The prospect of moving caused a major hiccup in the plans and interaction with new people I met. Now I need regroup and refocus. The excitement of it all worn off and I now I need to make sure I find the momentum to continue moving forward.

Been in the process of dreaming and planning a possible business venture. Now i have taken one step forward by investing in Usborne books and the task ahead of me looks daunting and i am thinking - "What was I thinking!!"

Is My Poem Lean?

By brantcooper, February 9, 2010 1:36 pm

Lean is not about the funding you take,

The size of your sales force, the money you make.

Lean is not how much money you spend,

That you like your product and so does your friend.

To test your guess and iterate,

To kill your favorite feature your customers hate,

To exercise ideas, removing the sheen,

That is what makes a startup lean
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