Sunday, December 06, 2009

100 Things to Do During a Money Free Weekend

The Challenge list 100 things to do on your or with family and friend.
Idea from The Simple Dollar finance blog.

1. Immerse yourself in a new culture - have an African or Mexican or French weekend.

2. Plan a tour for your family/friends/ partner (DATE) - gather info from the tourist office and then give them guided walking tour!

3. Go geocaching. You don't have to exchange items in the box - you can just record the fact that you found it.

4. Read a book - one you bought a while ago or even better one from the Library.
Have a Book club night or just reading aloud for fun.

5. Have a boardgames night.

6. Play card games.

7. concert night - eveyone plans an item to show off their talents.

8. Do your own Pantomime at home:

9. Get creative - do a recycling craft.

10. Make an event of baking or cooking together.

11. Have a lazy pajama day. No housework.

12. Video/DVD marathon - watch 3-6 or more DVD's after each other. You can re-watch ones you have, borrow from the library or friends.

13. Indoor games like Bowling (making your indoor alley), table tennis/snooker (if you have that equipment.

14. Organise your photo albums.

15. Do clear-out of clothes cupboards or stationary draw or CD/DVD's. You will be amazed at what you may find.

16. Read some blogs or internet articles.

17. Play free online games on facebook etc.......

18. Go window shopping (that means you look but you don't buy :) )

19. make ATC - artist trading cards, or make your own christmas/birthday cards in advance - recycle old cards etc.....

20. Have a pamper day - do self-one or friends/ family - do each other hair, feet, hands etc...... Don't have beauty products see what you can use that is already in your kitchen like a banana mask, a milk bath, eggs for face or hair.

21. Make or colour in mandala.

22. Go on a hike.

23. Exercise at home - with a DVD or free online stuff on You Tube etc.

24. Learn a new language.

25. Learn a knew craft /skill - like changing a car tire or sewing or scrapbooking. Learn from a family member/friend/DIY books/DVD's

26. Sunbathe - if the weather allows.

27. Start writing that book or poem you always plan to do. Family Soltaire may help the process along ie. choose a spot the house or park and spend 30min to 1 hr jsut listening/writing/drawing.

28. Start a journal/blog

29. Write a letter.

30. Try a new hairstyle - or be brave and cut your own hair.

31. Look for and contact old friends via facebook/Skype/telephone.

32. Visit a new church/religious centre. It could be a really interesting experience.

33. Volunteer for a river/park clean up.

34. Walk the dog - if you don't have one offer to walk a neigbours'/friend's one.

35. Make a dream/vision collage.

36. Plan your week.

37. Family meeting to create mission statement.

38. Show & Tell

39. Picnic Day - In Winter/bad weather have an indoor picnic.

40. Set up the tent in your back yard or if live in a flat put it up in your lounge - just for the fun of it (could be romantic).

41. Collect sea shells/leaves/stones

42. Make your own potpourri or bath salts

43. Build a puzzle - you could frame it afterwards.

44. Boost your brain power by doing crossword puzzles or soduku

45. Go swimming - beach, public pool, checkout for free swimming passes if you don't have one in your backyard.

46. Do some gardening.

47. Start a compost bin.

48. Do the important paper work you have been putting off like your will /taxes/budget.

49. Have a drumming session - you can make your own drums using recycled material.

50. Try out meditating / yoga

51. Have a clothes exchange party with friends.

52. CSI / other game you have not played for ages - make an event of it - have bring & braai /potluck party.

53. Make gifts in advance for birthdays/thank you's or Christmas.

54. Plan your next holiday.

55. Play with some kids - your own, your friends or family's kids - hide and seek or take them to the park.

56. ride a bicycle or learn to ride one.

57. Photography Day - play around with your camera and computer software.

58. Become a tourist in your own town/city. Check online for free activities in your area eg. Tourist website or Community Website. I have found free walking tours and museum tours that sometime even include refreshments!

59. Discover new music by listening to Last FM or exploring You Tube.

60. Have a No-TV or no-digital stuff weekend.

61. Take time to sew the button or hole in your clothes.

62. Do some household maintenance.

63. Write a shopping list /menu plan for the new week.

64. Cook meals to freeze.

65. Make your own bread - fun and brings a great smell into the house.

66. Learn to dance or learn a new dance. You don't always need a partner.

67. Have a weekend Detox.

68. Learn something new about your computer - eg. try out a program you have used like excel or powerpoint or explore linux or other free software.

69. Listen to music. To add extra spice do dedications or play DJ.

70. Rearrange the furniture in one of your rooms.

71. Write a list of 100. On any issue. Interesting to compare with others.

72. Join a group in the community or online.

73. Go Birdwatching.

74. Do your own Stargazing.

75. Take time to cut up coupon or go on price-compare websites.

76. Make a family recipe book - you could even take photos of your finished products.

77. Make a family Newsletter / paper.

78. Research a topic.

79. Have an official family meeting to plan your next Money free Weekend.

80. Exchange a house/apartment with friend or family member for the weekend.

81. Do a garage sale.

82. Go Puddle Hunting.

83. Blow Bubbles - even better make your own - having a bubble photo shoot.

84. Challenge yourselves to complete 5,10km walk or cycle a specific area.

85. Watch the sunrise and the sunset.

86. Browse through a bookstore. When my kid was little it felt like a nightmare but it soon paid off and she wanted to be like mummy and daddy.

87. Colour in a whole colouring book.

88. Go to a free museum.

89. Soak up the culture in an Art gallery

90. Have a themed weekend - to activities around the 60's - watch movies, listen to music, you can download quiz questions from the internet etc......

91. Play chess or learn to play it. Have a chess tournament.

92. Make your own indoor or outdoor labyrinth from stones you collected or tins/glass jars/paper bags with candles in them. Choose a design together, build it and then walk it.

93. Give your parents/children breakfast in bed.

94. Go feed the ducks in the park.

95. Have an upside down dinner - dessert, then main course, then starter.

96. Have a traveling dinner with friends - eat one course at the one person's house/apartment then walk to drive to the next person etc......
only use what you have already - do it like a potluck.

97. Build a snowman or sand castles or make mud pies.

98. Look around for free cheese, wine or chocolate tasting events or shops.

99. Make a family time capsule

100. have a family meeting to make another 100 more or less ideas of they would like to do on money free weekends
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